Fundamentals of Profitable Care
& Growing a Patient Base

This one-day workshop, led by the senior management team from Veterinary Practice Partners, provides you with practical, easy-to-implement tools and strategies for profitably growing your veterinary practice.

Sessions will include:

  • INDUSTRY OVERVIEW: Industry trends that affect the value of your business
  • ANALYTICS: The key practice metrics you must track and understand to improve profitability
  • PEOPLE: How to recruit, hire, develop and keep effective employees
  • MARKETING: Empirically-tested marketing strategies you can implement today
  • VALUATION: Understanding practice valuations and what to do now to improve yours

Who should attend:

  • Practice Owners of mid-size (2-3 FT DVMs) or large (4+ FT DVMs) practices: Most practice owners will benefit from every section of the workshop
  • Full-time Practice Managers of large practices: Managers who are involved in the implementation of new initiatives or who want to help impact practice growth are a perfect fit to attend alongside the owners of their practices.

Attendees earn 7 hours of RACE-approved CE credit

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